Are You:

Are you tired of ..........

· Feeling like no one is fighting for working people?

· Ceos taking all our money?

· Corporations shipping our jobs out of the country?

· Companies escaping THEIR tax burden?

· Having no health care?

· Health care costs killing you?

· Making an economic decision to not utilize your Health Care?

· Having no retirement?

· Big business getting so big it seems to control everything?

· Gas prices with record profits for oil companies?

· Your hard work being exploited by a company?

· The banks exploiting the average hard working American?

· Being afraid to ask for a raise?

· The cost of living rising faster than your wages?

· Being laid off?

· Being over qualified for your job because you can't find a better paying one?

· Living pay check to pay check?

· Working in fear?

Thursday, June 23, 2011



  1. it's a shame that many jobs are outsourced to different countries just to make more money for the greedy corporations.

  2. I am a 12 year old straight A student in riverside California and I am worried about my future because a lot of good teachers are losing their jobs and benefits due to cutbacks that I believe should be focused elsewhere and not where its gonna effect my education or maybe the rich should pay their taxes so I can get the education i need

  3. Wow she makes to much sense!!!!!

    You go kid , I support you

  4. I'm currently a student at a community college and I am struggling to attend as it is right now. If the corporate owned democrats and republicans continue to increase tuition and fees, higher education will only be available to the rich. F-that! It doesn't help when your employer doesn't cooperate with you in work scheduling.