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Monday, July 18, 2011

Romney: Jobless Americans Have To Bear Burden Of Budget Cuts Because Corporations Need A Tax Cut

A member of the local Rotary Club stood yesterday to ask former Mass Gov. Mitt Rommey (R) a question weighing on the minds of millions of jobless Americans:  At a time when corporations are sitting on record amounts of cash, why are teh Americans who can least afford it being asked to shoulder the burden of trillions of dollars in potential budget cuts?

But Romney dodged the question, ignoring the plight of the poor and unemployed, and instead launched into a speech about how American jobs were being outsourced to developing countries with cheat miniscule tax rates because the U.S. had made itself unattractive to major corporations.  Instead of sticking up for Americans who are facing cuts to the safety net programs they desperately need, Romney took the opportunity to proclaim that America's problems could be fixed if it gave corporations yet another tax cut:

    Questioner:  We obviously need cuts to the budget... but many of the recipients of those programs are Americans whose jobs have gone places where labor is cheap.  Sor corporate profits remain high and in some cases higher than ever.  Is it fair to ask those Americans to shoulder reductions in favor of Businesses and corporations who have sent those jobs overseas?

ROMNEY: [...] We need to maker ourselves the most attractive place in the world for entrepreneurs and poineers and businesses, jult like it was when the Founders created the country.  How do you do that?  One, you make sure our employer tax rates aren't the highest in the world.  Right now they're tied with Japan as the highest in the world,  They're about 10 points higher than the corporate tax rates in many of the countries in Europe.

Not only did Romney seemingly ignore the concerns raised by the question, his answer perpetuated the false idea that American corporations are subject to the highest tax rate in the world.  In reality, those corporations pay an effective rate that is among the LOWEST in the industrialized world.  Some of the nation's largest businesses, in fact, had effective tax rates that were actually NEGATIVE.

Meanwhile, the GOP continues to support cutting funding from programs that help the jobless and the poor.  But for Romney, that's easily justifiable: corporations, already earning record profits, need a tax break to go along.


  1. I understand it, I finally get it! It took me some time, but I comprehend their philosophy.

    This is how we will create jobs for Americans in the future. First, we will continue to outsource all of the American jobs until there is nothing left...then, when Americans become so desparate and conform to work for peanuts, all of the third world countries will be lining up to outsource their jobs to the United States. There will be so many jobs to chose from, this will eliminate any posturing for position of strength...because we'll all be fucked.

    In order to understand what it means to live without, you have to live without. They will not care until they are without.

    It is time to transfer the wealth...

    Stop conforming, overcome fear and adversity, join together,and take what is rightfully yours...prosperity and happiness.