Are You:

Are you tired of ..........

· Feeling like no one is fighting for working people?

· Ceos taking all our money?

· Corporations shipping our jobs out of the country?

· Companies escaping THEIR tax burden?

· Having no health care?

· Health care costs killing you?

· Making an economic decision to not utilize your Health Care?

· Having no retirement?

· Big business getting so big it seems to control everything?

· Gas prices with record profits for oil companies?

· Your hard work being exploited by a company?

· The banks exploiting the average hard working American?

· Being afraid to ask for a raise?

· The cost of living rising faster than your wages?

· Being laid off?

· Being over qualified for your job because you can't find a better paying one?

· Living pay check to pay check?

· Working in fear?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reward our friends, punish our enimies


  1. If your sick and tired of the shit we working class Americans have to go through, call your elected officials and rip them a new one. If the politicians are not available, then just leave a message with their staffers. The point of calling is to let them know that your pissed off and you can vote them out of office. Check this website out. It will assist you with finding the people that are supposed to be working for you.


  3. It's about time we have someone speak outing behalf of the American workers