Are You:

Are you tired of ..........

· Feeling like no one is fighting for working people?

· Ceos taking all our money?

· Corporations shipping our jobs out of the country?

· Companies escaping THEIR tax burden?

· Having no health care?

· Health care costs killing you?

· Making an economic decision to not utilize your Health Care?

· Having no retirement?

· Big business getting so big it seems to control everything?

· Gas prices with record profits for oil companies?

· Your hard work being exploited by a company?

· The banks exploiting the average hard working American?

· Being afraid to ask for a raise?

· The cost of living rising faster than your wages?

· Being laid off?

· Being over qualified for your job because you can't find a better paying one?

· Living pay check to pay check?

· Working in fear?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working In Fear


  1. There's free speech on the job as long as it's the free speech the company wants to hear. Parrot the company propaganda, bash the Union and you are rewarded. Stand up for our rights and you are a threat and targeted.
    Corporations encourage the working class to treat each other as competitors rather than colleagues. "I just have to outrun you" if workers don't start sticking together, standing up for their rights and voting they may as well start learning chinese as a second language. "Hate Your Boss?" I hate what they are getting away with.

  2. My own co- workers work in fear, and they are in a union! How the fuck does that make sence? Society has to change their mental state of mind because I've noticed that people, including my own family, dont have their priorities straight. They prefer having a conversation about sports and hip-hop instead of real life issues. Its very frustrating. Armondo Vasques needs to step his game up.